James Bradley


James Bradley is the Managing Director and Principal of Continua Systems. In this role, James coordinates and manages the organization providing vision, strategy, direction and a business culture that breeds success.

James has more than twenty years of experience in the computer and networking industries providing a broad perspective of technology. Prior to forming Continua Systems, James spent 10 years as active duty military serving in the Air Force as Security Police and the Army Airborne Corps as a Communications Specialist. James has also worked for a diverse range of companies, including Global Sports Interactive (now Ebay Enterprise), Comcast Cable and numerous small businesses and startups.

James helps small and medium sized businesses navigate through technology planning and decisions by leveraging the latest developments in the industry and providing the resources to implement well designed strategies. James’ diverse background in telecommunications, network operations, computer programming, industrial automation, and physical security provides the perfect perspective for leading a holistically focused technology company.