Enterprise Wi-Fi


High performance Wi-Fi is essential to today’s business, but many legacy systems were not built to handle the explosive growth of laptops, smart phones, tablets, and countless other devices that are straining existing wireless infrastructure. Continua Systems provides consistent, predictable performance with a scalable Wi-Fi solution that won’t slow, stall or freeze in the highest density environments under the most extreme interference conditions.

Traditionally, wireless networks have been an afterthought, a bolt-on addition to wired infrastructure. Today, wireless traffic surpasses wired, straining insufficient network capacities. Additionally, new applications and services add fresh dimensions to performance and capacity requirements of Wi-Fi designs. A flexible, high-performance Wi-Fi network provides many benefits.

Key Benefits

  • Satisfied Customers, Employees, Students, and Guests
  • Sufficient throughput and service regardless of venue size or user count
  • Central mangement and control system
  • Reduced support calls and deployment do-overs
  • Efficient operations

Continua applies sound process and network principals to wireless, helping to create service levels in order to predictably meet established expectations. We also stay tuned to the rapidly changing environment of applications and services being developed for wireless interfaces. We help our customers plan ahead and make the most of their wireless investment. Whether high density or low, building out high-performance wireless networks is based in careful planning and execution.

The end result? Wi-Fi that just plain works.